Get a more detailed view of your health

Bearable can help you to record a detailed record of changes in your symptoms and well-being. With loads of reports, we make it easy to find correlations, trends and patterns, so that you can improve how you understand and manage your health.

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Understanding your health shouldn't be hard

When you’re managing a health issue, it can be hard to figure out what makes you feel better or worse. To help you to get a clearer picture of your health, Bearable makes it easy to track changes in:

– Symptom severity
– When symptoms occur
– Health metrics like sleep, energy, & mood
– Custom symptoms for any health condition
– Health adjacent issues such as focus & productivity
– Health measurements like blood pressure & heart rate
– Well-being, emotions, and thoughts

Identify helpful habits and lifestyle choices

Identifying the things that might be impacting your health shouldn’t feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Bearable makes it simple to track how a one or more variables might be impacting your health, such as:

– Changes in nutrition, diet, and hydration
– Level and intensity of physical activities 
– Self-care and self-management activities
– Relationships with colleagues, friends & family
– Sleep quality and quantity
– Work-life balance

Get a clearer picture of your health

We know that for people with health issues it’s important to be able to track as much data as possible. To help you analyse and interpret your data, Bearable makes it easy to view:

– Weekly and monthly trends
– Correlations between habits and health
– Year in pixels for mood and symptoms
– Calendar view of mood, symptoms, and factors
– Advanced reports for symptoms, sleep, mood, & energy
– The impact of one-off events on mood
– The affect of factors on multiple health metrics


And much much more...

What our users are saying...

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I've tried every mood tracker on the market to help manage and keep track of my depression. Beyond just mood tracking Bearable has the ability to track tons of variables without a cluttered design and awesome customizability so it can be suited to my specific needs. This is the app I've been looking for for years!
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I run a patient organisation for kids with a rare disease. Your app is the best I have seen so far - I have tried millions! We are trialling a new treatment and I have been monitoring my daughter for a week and found it great!
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I am speechless. I just discovered this app having had symptoms for a bit more than a year and dubbed more or less insane by every doctor. I was so scared about forgetting the important parts for my next appointment. Thank you so much for this amazing tool!

Alia | Chronic Illness

Alia. I started using Bearable because in the past I had trouble communicating and understanding what was wrong, I had less ideas of what to track and gave up on tracking because

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Rae | Mental Health & ADHD

Rae. I started using Bearable because my mental health was tanking as a uni student during COVID lockdowns. I wanted more insight into what I could do to feel better. I also wanted

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Laura | Long Covid

Laura. I started using Bearable because I have had long covid for two years now. In the beginning it was extremely misunderstood and I kept getting worse. After a full year of

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The Origins of Bearable

Group 386

James (founder)

Having suffered myself with various health conditions, I know all too well the frustration of coming out of an appointment with my doctor or therapist knowing that I hadn’t been able to give them a full and clear picture to allow them to make a better assessment of me. This is unsurprisingly a very common frustration when you consider the brain fog and general difficulty thinking straight that comes along with many mental and physical health conditions…

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Companies in the past have resorted to this out of desperation and greed, while our main motivation will always be to help people over making large profits.

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Your data is encrypted and thus cannot be read by anyone but yourself.   You are in full control of your data and can export and delete everything at any time from within the app.