The perfect wellness routine for every single employee

The only health and well-being platform that’s tailored to your team’s health conditions.

Backed by scientific review

Reviewed by clinicians at Cedar Sinai as one of the best mobile health applications to track patient outcomes.

Recommended by Professionals

Recommended by Doctors and Therapists including; Psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Levinson, GP Dr Claire Ashley, and many more.

Made by patients for patients

Founded by a person with chronic migraines, we always involve our community in deciding which features get implemented next.

Bearable is recommended by Forbes, WebMD, VeryWellMind, & More
Bearable is recommended by Forbes, WebMD, VeryWellMind, & More

Employee wellness starts with understanding what works.

Understand how habits, treatments, & lifestyle choices impact the health outcomes of your employees.

    • Discover correlations between lifestyle changes and changes in mood, symptoms, sleep, energy and more.

    • Identify the impact of new treatments on symptoms and monitor for side-effects such as changes in sleep and mood.

    • Build the perfect data-driven routine to supercharge your team’s health and happiness.

A health platform that's not just for healthy people.

Over 60% of adults live with at least one chronic physical or mental health issue and this includes your employees.

    • Bearable’s features have evolved with feedback from over 500k people with chronic health conditions.

    • Instead of focusing on steps, strain, or calories, we let you customise the app for your employee’s health and well-being goals.

    • Create custom content that aligns with your company’s aims; reduce stress, improve productivity, level-up work-life balance, & more.

All your employee wellness tools, in one app.

No one wants to sit through another SaaS onboarding meeting and with Bearable you don’t have to.

    • As a consumer facing app, Bearable’s onboarding is intuitive, self-guided, and takes no more than 10 minutes.

    • Whether they’re trying to reach peak health or just getting well enough to work again, Bearable works for every one of your team’s unique health needs.

    • Sleep Quality, Fitness, Fatigue, Concentration, Relationships, Blood Pressure, HRV, Menstrual Health. Track anything you can imagine.

Features for every health need

Tools for every-stage of the health and happiness journey


Improve sleep & energy

The foundation of good health is great sleep. Bearable helps reduce sleep debt and fatigue with guided content that helps you build the perfect sleep routine.


Boost mood & productivity

Our advanced reports make it easy to identify the lifestyle choices and habits that correlate with improvements in mood, productivity, and more.


Form new healthy habits

Our Experiments and Goals features can help your team to understand the impact of a new behaviour and turn the helpful ones into life long habits.


Tackle stress & burnout

By identifying sources of stress, causes of fatigue, and early warning signs of burnout. Your employees will be better equipped to stay on top of their game.


Feel more in control

The number one outcome reported by the Bearable community is that – even within a few days – they feel more in control of their health again.


Nutrition, hydration & fitness

Form everyday habits that can have a big impact on health, like increasing heart rate, staying hydrated, and eating a balanced diet. A healthy team is a happy team.


Monitor new & existing symptoms

Because 60% of adults have at least one health issue, keeping an eye on symptom trends helps your employees identify unexpected changes and get help early.


Get more from medical appointments

Effective treatment starts with being able to clearly communicate the state of your health to medical professionals with notes, reports, and data.


Manage treatments & medications

Improving adherence to effective medications and treatments is easier with reminders, reports, and reports that show they’re working.

Don't just take our word for it

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We put privacy first

Just as important to us as it is to you

We'll never monetize data

Unlike other companies, our main motivation will always be to help people. That’s why we collect as little data as possible and don’t show ads in the app.

Secure & encrypted

Personal health data is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone other than the account holder.  Every employee has full control and can export and delete all of their data at any time from within the app.

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