Free Worksheets & Resources

Our mission is to give all patients across the world the power to take control of their health and feel like themselves again. That’s why – as well as being able to use our app for free – we also try to create as many free worksheets and resources as possible too.

Symptom & Treatment Tracker Worksheet [PDF]

We’ve created a simple, bullet-journal-style symptom-tracking template that makes it easy to:

    • Log the days on which your symptoms occur
    • Track as many or as few symptoms as you’d like
    • Track changes in the severity of your pain day-to-day
    • Identify trends and patterns in your symptoms and pain levels
    • Record treatments and their impact on symptoms
Symptom and Treatment Tracker Worksheet PDF

Feelings Wheel & Mood Tracker Worksheet [PDF]

Identifying your feelings can be incredibly helpful. In fact, labelling your emotions has been shown to help reduce their intensity. But it’s not always easy to pinpoint and communicate exactly what you’re feeling. A feelings wheel is a simple, visual way to help you to overcome this problem.

Feelings Wheel PDF and Mood Tracker Worksheet Example

Chronic Illness Resume [PDF]

When you’re visiting a new doctor, therapist, or specialist for the first time, it can be overwhelming to remember everything you need to tell them. Especially if you live with complex health issues that cause brain fog, fatigue, or anxiety.

The Chronic Illness Résumé is a simple way to collate all the information that could be useful to share with a medical professional during your first appointment with them.

Chronic Illness Resume PDF Example

Little Victories Checklist [PDF]

When you live with chronic physical and/or mental health issues, it’s inevitable that some days are going to be harder than others. 

On days like this, it can be helpful to acknowledge that, despite everything, you probably did a lot more than you actually gave yourself credit for.

So, to hopefully make your tough days a little easier, we’ve created a free little victories checklist. We just hope you don’t need to use it any time soon.

Looking for something else?

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