Bearable The Best Symptom Tracker

Track your symptoms & feel more in control of your health.

Get a more detailed picture of your well-being and find what works best for you.

Bearable The Best Symptom Tracker

Backed by scientific review

Reviewed by clinicians as one of the best mobile health applications to track patient outcomes.


5-star reviews


We always involve our active community in deciding which features get implemented next.

Backed by scientific review

Reviewed by clinicians at Cedar Sinai as one of the best mobile health applications to track patient outcomes.

Recommended by Professionals

Recommended by Doctors and Therapists including; Psychiatrist Dr. Anthony Levinson, GP Dr Claire Ashley, and many more.

Made by patients for patients

Founded by someone with chronic migraines, we always involve our community in deciding which features get implemented next.

Bearable is recommended by Forbes, WebMD, VeryWellMind, & More
Bearable is recommended by Forbes, WebMD, VeryWellMind, & More
Track the impact of treatments and habits on your symptoms

Learn what makes your symptoms better

Get a complete picture of your health

• Track anything you think might be impacting your symptoms

• Discover the effect of daily routines, medication, and diet.

• See how symptoms correlate with mood, sleep, and energy levels.

Reclaim control over your symptoms

Get unique insights into your health

• Find the treatments and activities that make you feel better.

• Be better prepared for your next medical appointment.

• Use symptom reports to spot patterns and make better decisions about your health.

Track the impact of treatments and habits on your symptoms
Track Customised Symptom Groups

A symptom tracker that's easy to use

Symptom tracking for everyone

• Measure symptoms by their severity and frequency.

• Enter symptoms with just a few taps. No typing needed.

• Create custom symptoms and symptoms groups for any health issue.

And much much more...

Some of the things you
can track with Bearable

Flare-ups and changes in symptom severity.

New and existing symptoms.

Habits, activities, routines, & social life.

Medication, supplements, & food diary.

Health outcomes including mood, energy, & sleep.

Heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and steps.

Notes, gratitude, and significant events.

Symptoms by time of day, day, month, and year.

The best symptom tracking app

Track the symptoms of any health condition

Since day one, Bearable’s goal has been to build the best symptom tracker. Why? Because our Founder, James, needed a way to understand his own chronic health issues.

Today, we continue to develop Bearable’s symptom tracking features with feedback from people with hidden illnesses, rare diseases, and chronic conditions.

Bearable is changing how people manage their health

Why use a symptom tracker?

Group 386

James (founder)

Using a symptom tracker to monitor your health can be helpful for you and your doctor. You can track how your symptoms change in response to different factors – such as activity levels, diet, or treatments.

This information will help you to understand what’s affecting your symptoms, and can help you to identify triggers, factors, and patterns. For example, you might find that specific foods, people, or routines improve or worsen your symptom severity.

Discovering correlations like this allows you to plan your day-to-day activities more effectively. Or even change how you do things so you can manage your symptoms better.

A symptom tracker can also help you remember what’s happened since your last appointment. So that you have a record that you can show to your medical team next time you see them.

Ultimately, giving you more control over your symptoms and making you more prepared for medical appointments.

What our users are saying...

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“I love this app. It has been helpful in keeping a check on my symptoms of my chronic condition and how effective the medication is working. I love the graphs, which is something I can show my doctor.”
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“Best tracker so far. I'm chronically ill and it allows me to track diet, physical symptoms, mental symptoms, meds, activities, appointments, sleep, and fluid intake... [Bearable] has replaced 5 other apps.”
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“The most comprehensive symptom tracker I have ever used. Very in depth, endless possibilities of comparing charts/symptoms vs factors. It's very customizable and user friendly.”


Yes. Bearable is free to use and has no ads.

There is a premium version of Bearable available as an in-app purchase. Bearable premium gives users access to additional reports, correlations, notes, significant events, and the option to review historic symptom data.

Some of the reasons our users choose Bearable include:

Bearable is built by people trying to manage their own health conditions rather than someone interested in collecting and selling user data

Engage with other users in our dedicated Reddit and Discord channels

Give feedback and request new features from the development team

Give feedback and discuss features with the Bearable team via our social channels

We encrypt all user data. Users are the only ones with access to their encryption key and have the ability to delete their data at any time.

Small Team.
We’re an independent, bootstrapped and purpose-driven development team.

Bearable is more customisable and insightful than other symptom trackers.

By PsychCentral and the US Pain Foundation as well as thousands of our users.

James, based in the UK, is the founder of Bearable. He was forced to quit his job because of health problems including chronic migraines. When he struggled to get diagnosis and treatment he began tracking his symptoms and treatments to see what he could learn for himself. In March 2020, James launched Bearable with the support and feedback of the chronic condition community. Today, James continues to work on designing new features for Bearable users. You can read his full story on our blog.

Kamil & James, based in mainland Europe, are Bearable’s two-person development team. They both have an interest in health tracking, productivity, and the quantified self. They provide the technical expertise that keep Bearable running day-to-day.

Jesse Jan, also based in the UK, he has a background in purpose-driven marketing. Jesse lives with symptoms of Generalised Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Depression, Body Dysmorphia, Insomnia, and Eating Disorders. He brings public health and education marketing experience to the team as well as first-hand knowledge of a range of chronic health conditions.

Our users usually have at least one of the following goals:

  1. They want to learn what makes their overall health better or worse

  2. They want to be able to track their health in one app rather than many.

  3. They have new or unexplained symptoms and want to try to understand what’s going on.
  4. They have new or existing symptoms and want to collect data to share with medical professionals.

  5. They have an existing health condition and want to keep track of treatments to find better ways to manage their health.
  6. They’re interested in finding out more about how their habits and activities impact their health and productivity.

Your data privacy is just as important to us as it is to you.

Your data is encrypted and thus cannot be read by anyone but yourself. You are in full control of your data and can export and delete everything at any time from within the app.

We’ll never sell your data. Companies in the past have resorted to this out of desperation and greed, while our main motivation will always be to help people over making large profits.

You can read more about how Bearable processes your data in our privacy policy.