What’s Bearable helping you to achieve?
I’ve been using Bearable for years, & Bearable is helping me achieve my goals in therapy. It makes therapy 10x easier, as I can just pull out the app & know exactly how my past week has been. As someone who almost always goes into therapy & forgets everything about the past week, it’s been a game-changer for me. I’m now able to talk about what happened that week in therapy so, so much easier.

What impact has this had on your health and/or well-being?
Before Bearable, it was very difficult for me to even remember what it happened to be that week, since I always have so much going on. I’m now able to quickly put in how I feel every day, so I have an accurate representation of my week. It’s always been difficult with therapy before this.

What are the main reasons you’d recommend Bearable to somebody?
Ease of use, even a super busy or “lazy” person that doesn’t like journaling or normal mood tracking can use this.

What else would you like to tell people about Bearable?
Although it may seem small, Bearable really has completely changed how I’m able to view my moods. Before, I had absolutely no idea of my moods, as I was too busy to ever think about it or care. I’m so thankful to Bearable.

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