I started using Bearable because I have had long covid for two years now. In the beginning it was extremely misunderstood and I kept getting worse. After a full year of doing all the wrong things I finally started pacing and tracking symptoms. Tracking everything has really helped me understand what my triggers are and what causes a symptom flare.  I tried a couple of other apps as well but Bearable was the best by far. I wish I found it sooner!

Bearable helps me to understand and track my symptoms. It helps me track my highs and my lows. It gives me insight into what triggers symptoms. It is an invaluable health tool.

My ultimate goal is to use Bearable to manage my long covid and overall health in a way that allows me to live a happy and productive life.

I would recommend Bearable to other people that are looking to better understand their overall health and to manage chronic illness.

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