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What’s Bearable helping you to achieve?
Mood monitoring and stress management

What impact has this had on your health and/or well-being?
Managing my mood has reminded me how often I let small unimportant things ruin my whole day’s mood. By inputting my mood several times throughout the day, I can register that the whole day wasn’t actually so bad. It has helped manage my anxiety because I avoid spiraling about unimportant things and remember to refocus on the good things with the gratitude section. I also track daily habits like how much I eat and exercise. Using the factors allows me to compare why I may have been feeling a certain way, whether that be due to too much screen time, my productivity levels, amount of stress, or even the weather.

What are the main reasons you’d recommend Bearable to somebody?
Bearable is easy, customizable, fun, colourful, and helpful with managing life and taking control of your daily moods to understand stress and behaviour.

What else would you like to tell people about Bearable?
I really enjoy inputting all the factors from the day and comparing what was different and seeing how that impacted all the other things going on in my life.

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