I started using Bearable because in the past I had trouble communicating and understanding what was wrong, I had less ideas of what to track and gave up on tracking because I had notes but no way to view the data. 

Bearable helps me to better track and record medical problems, be more aware of symptoms and emotions, and better track what helps relieve pain/problems. This has made it easier to communicate with health care professionals & my fiancé about what is wrong. It is also helping me pinpoint symptoms and understand which are long term problems.

The main benefit of Bearable is that all the data in one place allows for easy analysis. I used Daylio before and I prefer Bearable because there is more I can do with Bearable. Also the bearable Reddit and Discord community is awesome and super helpful.

I would recommend Bearable to anyone with chronic health issues to help with management and communication with their doctors, it also acts as “proof” to show how significant events impact your life and change moods, symptoms, etc. Also anyone that wants a better understanding of their health and wishes to improve upon it, whether for determining blind spots or to just understand health better for peace of mind.

Note. The names and images used in this article have been fabricated to protect the privacy and identity of our users.