What’s Bearable helping you to achieve?
The ability to track my chronic and often invisible illness symptoms.

What impact has this had on your health and/or well-being?
It validates me. I see the symptoms lined up, right in front of me, day after day, and I see that they are real.

What are the main reasons you’d recommend Bearable to somebody?
It is the most comprehensive, yet insanely accessible symptom-tracking app out there. I’ve recommended it to my therapist to tell her other clients about it, it’s made such a huge impact on my life.

What else would you like to tell people about Bearable?
I actually attempted to make my own symptom tracking app with block programming on an app designed to build apps; I couldn’t find a symptom tracker that fit all of my needs and I was really frustrated by the lack of representation for chronic and invisible illnesses out there. Then I found Bearable, and I was never happier to dump a project! Bearable fits *everything* I was looking for, and had more to offer than I could have imagined. And the new improvements coming are things I’ve wistfully thought of, but never thought to ask for! And now they’re becoming a reality.

Note. The names and images used in this article have been fabricated to protect the privacy and identity of our users.