What’s Bearable helping you to achieve?
To be more mindful of how different factors impact my mental health.

What impact has this had on your health and/or well-being?
It has helped me be accountable daily in monitoring the major symptoms of depression I’ve been struggling with.

What are the main reasons you’d recommend Bearable to somebody?
It’s versatility and affordability.

What else would you like to tell people about Bearable?
**Trigger Warning** – I downloaded Bearable after breaking down and confessing to my mother that I was struggling with severe anxiety and depression. I was burdened with suicidal thoughts and due to geography have no local support system. After hours of weeping and assurance that I was not going to end my life I started looking for an app to help me track my symptoms both physical and mental. Bearable came up and looked both easy to use and in-depth. Two months later I am in a much better place and using Bearable has contributed to that by giving me insight into what impacts my emotional state and levels of anxiety and depression. It’s helped me make some small changes to my life that are already having a positive effect on me.

Note. The names and images used in this article have been fabricated to protect the privacy and identity of our users.