Maria's Bearable user story


What’s Bearable helping you to achieve? To calm down during a rough day. I recently moved to a new country and started a new job and the adaptation process has been hard even with the support from my colleagues and the friendly people I’ve met on the way. I feel better when I recognize that I’m having a difficult day or that I’m overwhelmed and that there are actions I can take to feel better.

What impact has this had on your health and/or well-being? I feel relieved after completing the different categories and I recognize better what is bothering me during the day so I can either change it or avoid it.

What are the main reasons you’d recommend Bearable to somebody? It’s easy to use, it’s customizable and you get reminders to complete the information during the day.

What else would you like to tell people about your Bearable Story? I’ve struggled with anxiety since I can remember and it’s good to find apps like Bearable that are available anytime.

Note. The names and images used in this article have been fabricated to protect the privacy and identity of our users.