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After 1-2 weeks of using Bearable, you may unearth insights like “There’s a strong relationship between High Mood Scores and spending Time in Nature”.

You’re probably thinking something like Yeah, obviously. Of course my mood is better when I spend time outdoors!

BUT there’s actually a lot that we can learn from this insight and it underpins the way in which anyone can get the most out of Bearable.

The quality of your insights will only be as good as the quality of your inputs. The more data you input, the better your insights will be.

Questions are fundamental in your Bearable experience! By asking questions about your insights you can begin to test and improve the overall view of your health. Using “time in nature” as an example, you could begin to ask:

    1. How often am I in Nature?
    2. Can I spend time in Nature when my Symptom/Mood scores are lower?
    3. What are the different types of Time in Nature that I could track (eg. Hike, Dog walk, etc.)?
    4. What are the factors that allow me to spend Time in Nature (e.g. taking a break at work)?
    5. Are there other Factors that occur when I’m in Nature (e.g. spending time with friends)?

You can then start to think about what other information you would like to analyze or collect by creating your own custom factors.

    1. How often do I take a break at work?
    2. What impact does visiting a park during a break have on my Health Outcomes?
    3. How does my number of hours at work impact my overall Health Outcomes?
    4. What types of Time in Nature have the most positive impact (e.g. Hiking vs. Dog walk)?
    5. What elements of Time in Nature have an impact (e.g. Plants, Animals, Air Quality, Friends)?
    6. What is the lasting impact of Time in Nature (e.g. 4 hours vs. 4 days)?
    7. How does Time in Nature have a positive impact on specific Symptoms (e.g. headaches)?

The questions you have about your insights not only allow you to create a more well-rounded picture of your health but can also have a positive impact on your day-to-day decisions.  By learning more about what specifically improves your Health Outcomes (e.g. Mood, Sleep, Symptoms, and Energy levels), the more you can make informed decisions about your Health and Lifestyle.

It’s time to reclaim control over your wellbeing!

Remember, if you’re not sure what questions to ask about your insights; We have a dedicated community on Reddit. The community is a group of other users and people with a wide array of health conditions that may have already found interesting ways to customize the app, question their insights, and improve their Health Outcomes. You can post questions to the community on Reddit AND even search for posts by users with similar goals to you.

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