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4 Ways to get the most out of your Insights

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image showing the correlation between being In Nature and Energy Levels and Average Mood
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1. Collect Your First Week Of Data

After a week of using Bearable, you may unearth insights along the lines of; There’s a strong relationship between high Mood scores and spending time in nature.

You’re probably thinking something like; That’s not very insightful!

There’s actually a lot that we can learn from this insight and it underpins the way in which anyone can get the most out of Bearable: The quality of your insights will only be as good as the quality of the data you collect.

So how do you start collecting better data?

🤓 2. Ask Questions About Your Insights

By asking questions about your insights you can begin to uncover what they really mean.

    1. Why is your mood score low when you’re not in nature?
    2. What are the other factors associated with being in nature?
    3. Why does your mood improve so much when you’re in nature?

By asking these questions you can begin using your Insights Reports to try to answer them. For example, you could look at your factor effect on mood report* to uncover the Factors associated with low mood scores.

If you’re not able to find answers, it may be because you need to create some custom Factors that are unique to you.

🔧 3. Refine & Customise Your Factors

Custom Factors allow you to create tracking for almost anything that you want so that you can begin to answer the questions you have about your Insights.

You could begin to track factors associated with being in nature, such as:

    1. Exercise
    2. Screen time
    3. Sleep habits
    4. Who you socialise with
    5. How much you’re working
    6. Weather conditions

Whilst the insight that “spending time in nature has a positive effect on mood score” isn’t a revelation. It may enable you to unearth the more granular factors impacting your mood.

🚀 4. Start Using Your Data IRL

Now that you’re tracking your custom factors, you can begin to identify patterns. You might start to see that:

    1. The amount of exercise you get has a positive impact on your mood.
    2. That your mood is lower when you socialise with certain people.
    3. That weather conditions have a big impact on your mood score.

You could use this information to form new habits that improve your mood. For example, you could test different exercise routines to determine which one has the biggest impact on your mood score.

Or, If you’re tracking factors related to symptoms of a health condition, you could also share the data with a medical professional.

Ultimately, by taking this approach you can begin to make choices – driven by data – to help impact your overall wellbeing.

*If you want to know more about some of the features available to Bearable premium users, you can read about them here.

✋ Looking For More Info?

    1. Check out our support blog for answers to common questions.
    2. Chat with other Bearable users on our discord server.
    3. Take a look at our blog to see how Jesse learns about his health with Bearable.

Remember, if you’re not sure what questions to ask about your insights; We have a dedicated community on Reddit.

The community is a group of other users and people with a wide array of health conditions that may have already found interesting ways to customize the app, question their insights, and improve their Health Outcomes. You can post questions to the community on Reddit AND even search for posts by users with similar goals to you.

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