Flarey (ADHD and Depression)

ADHD symptoms
I was recently on the phone with my doctor and she asked me “So when did you last miss your meds?” And I blanked. I had NO idea. A day? A week? Could it have been a month?? It happened all the time! “When was your last cycle?” Uhh… definitely… this year? And then I remembered – oh wait I have an app for that!! Let me check! This year, I was diagnosed with ADHD, after a lifetime of thinking I was a scatterbrained weirdo who had depression. I’ve been a bit of a mess all my life – but this, this made sense! I could finally start to piece it back together! I could now say for sure, it was ADHD that gave me an appalling memory, zero concept of time, the inability to just get up and do something, no ability to make new habits… So, to trial the new meds for it, I was writing down symptoms and issues as I noticed them, in a note on my phone! It wasn’t ideal. but enough to figure out a good dosage. Until suddenly, for no reason – my meds weren’t working and I had to know why! Something I now know about ADHD is that we tend to obsess, which is how I ended up on an all-day research kick.  I learnt that a woman’s hormonal cycle has a strong effect on ADHD medication!! My next step was obviously to track my cycle and match it up to check. bearable app mood symptom tracker COVID coronavirus virus MS fibromyalgia bipolar health diary bullet journal tracking symptoms best So I started the hunt for an app. I wanted to track my cycle – but I didn’t want pink and flowers, I didn’t want reminders of my fertility (getting pregnant is not the only reason we might want to keep track!).  I just wanted a calendar that showed the phases as I entered them!   I was forgetting my meds constantly too… (I remember taking them… but was that just before…? Or was that yesterday…) So I figured, an app to remind me would be great! Even better if it does both those things! But every medication app in existence wanted me to go count how many pills I had so it could monitor my supply… and cycle apps didn’t care if I was on medication or not. I searched high and low for this magical app. I didn’t think I was asking for that much – just an app that could keep track of my meds, remind me to take them – that could put a little marker on some days of the month for me – maybe that I could look at a little graph of my weight fluctuations? Or that I could graph my mood maybe!
Enter Bearable. I had first found out about it on Reddit. It. Was. PERFECT. I was seriously considering learning to code to solve this problem until I found it!
Every day, three times a day, the little bear pops up to say hey, medicine time! I take my meds, open the app to mark them as taken – and hey, while I’m here, I might as well check in! How am I feeling? What’s going on with my day? Any symptoms? Bam! Less than 3 minutes, done and dusted and all in one place. First thing every morning I stick my temperature, weight, that sort of thing into my Health app – Bearable grabs it for me! My Watch keeps track of my heart rate (gotta make sure those stimulants aren’t pumping me too far up!) – Bearable grabs that too! Since using Bearable, I’ve been able to track patterns – I now know when I’ll need more ADHD meds because the hormones make them less effective. No more wondering why everything sucks three days in… I now know that I actually only need half the antidepressants I used to be on – woohoo!!  ! With depression, a bad day feels like forever – now, I can look at the little calendar and see, it’s only been two days and this happened last time we had to go to the dentist too, it’ll pass! (I had never even considered tracking stuff like appointments, when I see family and friends, or factors that could affect my symptoms before! And I called myself a scientist??) This app is seriously my hero.  If you have ADHD or depression, if you’re trialing medication and tracking side effects, or even if you just want a straight-forward way to track your moods during your cycle – this is the one. You have found it! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Start to reclaim control over your well-being today!  Download Bearable for free on Apple or Android. Bearable App – Mood and Symptoms Tracker for ADHD and Depression.

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