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You might have seen the long list of features that you get with a Premium subscription in the app, but at its core, Bearable Premium helps you to achieve the following things:

Find correlations faster.

Subscribing to Bearable gives you access to Advanced Insights reports for Mood, Symptom Score, Symptoms, Sleep, Energy Levels, and Factors. These reports help you to visualise your data in a number of ways including showing you how your Factors correlate with changes in your health so that you no longer have to find these correlations manually.

🔭 View health trends over longer periods of time.

Bearable Premium allows you to compare your health data over different periods of time, including 30, 60, 90, and 365-day comparisons. This means that longer-term users can understand not only how their health is trending and changing month vs. month but also quarter vs. quarter and year vs. year.

📉 Identify short-term health trends.

Weekly Reports show you how your health has changed in the last 7 days vs. the previous 7 days and can be especially helpful for identifying health problems before they become too severe. Bearable subscribers can add up to 20 metrics to their report, including custom ratings, symptoms, and health measurements.

💡 Understand non-health outcomes.

If you’re someone that wants to understand changes in their productivity, concentration, work-life balance, or any metrics that aren’t directly related to your health, then custom ratings are for you. You can create as many custom ratings as you like, track them using a 1-5 scale, and view how they change week to week using the Weekly Report.

🔍 Track your health in more detail.

Bearable Premium members have access to the Extra Notes feature. This can be used for writing therapy, a place to keep affirmations, notes to share with your doctor, to-do lists, or even just to keep a regular diary.

Take more control of your health.

Favourite Correlations make it possible for Bearable subscribers to view the impact of Factors across an array of health metrics. This is particularly helpful when you want to identify the broader impact of a Factor on your health. For example, a Factor that improves Sleep might not also improve Symptoms, Mood, or Energy Levels. Favourite Correlations make it possible to identify Factors with the greatest net positive outcome.

🤝 Help other people to manage their health.

Bearable was launched in 2020 by our founder James after he used an early version of Bearable to manage chronic Migraines. We’re a purpose-driven team whose primary aim is to help people to manage their symptoms better and to give people more control over their health. By subscribing to Bearable, you help us to create new features, maintain and improve the app, and find even more ways to support and advocate for the wider community of people with health issues.

👋 Still have questions about Bearable Premium?

You can contact the Bearable team for support by emailing us on with any questions you have about the app, interpreting your results, or even just understanding what to track.

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