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Who really makes you happiest? How to track your Social Life and Mood to get useful insights

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Ever wondered who really makes you happiest?

Being more mindful about who you hang out with and what impact they have on your mental and even physical health, can help you to make some valuable decisions regarding your social life.

Below I’ll show you how you can set up the app to help you track your mood and your social life, so you can start getting these insights for yourself.

1️⃣ Track Your Family & Friends

Add new factors to an existing Factor Category by navigating to the ‘Add/Edit Factors’ page using the three dots icon (…) in the top right corner of the Other Factors section on your home screen.

Go into the “Social” category, first making sure the toggle on the left is green, meaning it will show up on the homepage.

Using the “Add Factor” box at the top, start adding the specific people you see on a somewhat regular basis.  Or you can be more general, like “With Best Friend” or “With family”.

Image showing how to track the impact of different people on your health.
*Click to enlarge the image

2️⃣ Keep Track Of Your Mood

Try to record your mood at least once each day. 

image showing average mood scores for a single day in Bearable

Open the factors section and simply tap on the people you see each day.  Again, the more times you do this the better your insights will be.

You can also use the toggle at top of the section to enter your factors into more specific time periods for even more accurate statistics  (this works especially well if you’re making two mood entries per day, once in the morning and once in the evening).

image showing how to track different people as factors on the Bearable homepage

3️⃣ See The Results

After just 2-3 weeks of doing this, you will already be able to start seeing some interesting and possibly surprising patterns!  Just think of the insights you’ll be able to get after doing this for a few months or even a year!

Go to the Insights page and Press the “Advanced Factor Insights” button at the bottom of the Mood graph. 

Scroll down to see the Advanced Factor Report and navigate across until you get to the “Social” category.

NoteBearable Premium is required to see these insights. 

image showing the effect of different people on mood

😡 Social Life vs Headaches:

This doesn’t just have to be for Mood either, maybe you’d like to know who gives you the biggest headache!?

Make sure you record your symptoms at least once a day (remember to press the “Mark none for remaining” button to ensure you get the most accurate insights, as we don’t assume you didn’t have a symptom if you don’t make any entry)

An image of symptom tracking tools in Bearable including stress, anxiety, and headache tracking.

Once you’ve been entering your symptoms for a while alongside your Social Life factors, head to the insights page and tap “Headache” or any other symptom you’re interested in (under Symptoms Breakdown).  

image showing a breakdown of changes in symptoms

Just like with Mood, you’ll see a Factor Effect report for each Symptom – scroll across to “Social” and see the effect each person has on your headaches!

Image showing the effect of people on headaches

We’ll be adding many more tips like this to give you some inspiration as to what to track in Bearable and how to make the most out of your insights.  Stay tuned!

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