What are Factors? (and answers to other common questions)

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🤔 1. What are Factors?

Factor is a term that we use to group together habits, events, and actions that happen in your life. For example, drinking a cup of coffee, going to work, meditating, arguing with your partner, and spending time outdoors are all Factors. You can think of them as anything that happens in your life but that doesn’t belong to one of the other categories in the app such as Mood, Emotions, Sleep, Symptoms, or Energy. Bearable analyses your Factor data to show you how different Factors correlate with changes in your health. You can access these reports in the Insights tab.

📈 2. What are Custom Ratings?

Custom Ratings were introduced to help users track health outcomes that don’t fall under the categories of Mood, Sleep, Symptoms, or Energy and that aren’t a Factor. For example, Productivity and Focus are interesting measures of performance and well-being that don’t naturally fit anywhere else in the app. It’s important that you don’t feel like you have to use them, but if you’re interested in correlations that aren’t directly related to your health, Custom Ratings is a helpful tool. 

🔍 3. What should I track?

To start with, try to focus on tracking as few things as possible. This makes it easier to stay on top of logging your factors. We’ve written a short article about what to track and if you’d still like some help getting set up you can also contact support@bearable.app or visit one of our online communities for the advice of other Bearable users.

🔭 4. How do I find correlations?

There are a few different ways to do this, so we wrote a short article to help you find useful correlations. In short, if you visit your Insights tab and rotate your phone, you’ll be shown a graph where you can compare your factors to your health metrics. Premium users can also click into any report from the Insights tab to find Factor Effect reports.

✋ 5. How do I get support?

If you need help with anything in Bearable we have a support team that you can contact via email on support@bearable.app. Our support desk is managed by Eoghan a real human person and member of the Bearable team, so you’re in good hands. You can also get support from other Bearable users by joining one of our online communities on Reddit, Facebook, or Discord.

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