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Track the effect of self-care routines on your health

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How to track the effect of self-care routines on your health.

⚙️ How to set up a self-care routine:

    1. Add the Factors section to your home screen using the Edit button at the bottom of the page.
    2. Tap the ‘add/edit’ button in the menu in the top right corner of the factors section.
    3. Click the Add Category button at the bottom of the next screen.
    4. Give your category a name e.g. Self Care and select an icon to represent the section.
    5. Click the checkmark in the top right corner.
    6. Self Care will now appear at the top of your categories.
    7. Click on Self Care to begin adding different self-care routines and activities e.g. meditation, cold showers, gratitude, etc.

You’ll now be able to log your self-care routines in the Factors section on your homepage.

📈 How to view the effect of your self-care routines on your health:

📊 Using the factor effect report:

      1. Go to the Insights tab
      2. Click into any of the advanced reports for Mood, Sleep, Symptom Score, Symptoms, or Energy
      3. Scroll down to the Factor Effect on section
      4. Scroll right or left using the arrows to find your Self Care category
      5. You’ll now be able to see a list of how your self-care routines are impacting your health outcomes
      6. You can sort the list by best or worst
      7. You can view the average effect from a one day to a seven day period
      8. Plus you can click on the magnifying glass to see the effect vs. a period of time without the selected self-care routine

📉 Using the Comparison Graph

    1. Go to insights
    2. Rotate your phone (make sure your screen lock is off)
    3. In the top right-hand corner click on select factor
    4. Click Self Care and select a routine from the list
    5. Below the Graph, you can select health outcomes such as mood, energy, and symptoms.
    6. Look for trends in your health outcomes on the days – and the days following – your self-care routines.
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