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Track the effect of cold showers on your symptoms

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🚿 How to setup cold showers:

    1. Click the ‘add/edit’ button in the menu in the top right corner of the Other Factors section.
    2. Click the add category button and name it something like Self Care (you can also add it to an existing category by clicking the +add/edit button).
    3. Click into your new category Self Care on the Categories Screen and add Cold Shower
    4. The new category Self Care and the Factor Cold Shower will now appear on your Home Screen under Factors.
    5. Log Cold Showers on each day that you take one


🔬 How to view the effect of cold showers:

    1. After you have taken at least three Cold Showers you’ll be able to begin to see how they impact your health (note: the more data the better the results).
    2. Visit the Insights tab, scroll down to Factor Count (days) and click on Cold Shower
    3. You can now scroll through this report to view how Cold Showers affect your Mood, Symptom score, and individual Symptoms.
    4. Use the Factor Effect on Symptoms Report at the bottom of this screen to get an in-depth view of how Cold Showers correlate with changes in your specific Symptoms.

💡 Need some more inspiration?

We recently tracked the impact of cold showers on our own health and you can see the results on our blog.

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