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Below are some tips that will make Bearable easier to use by showing you how to:

1.  Customise your homepage
2. Track things impacting your health
3. Understand Factors
4. Correctly track Factors
5. Track YOUR symptoms
6. Sync with Google Fit & Apple Health
7. Create custom emotions

🏠  1. Customise What’s On Your Homepage

There’s a lot you can track in Bearable!  Use the customize homepage button to reorganize the sections on your homepage to your unique preferences.   

There is also an +add  button at the bottom of many sections, such as Symptoms and Factors, which allow you to add to, reorder and edit categories and the more specific contents within each section.

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💡 2. Track the things you think impact your health

It’s normal to want to track everything. But it’s more insightful and sustainable to track just the things you think are having a positive or negative effect on your health.

Tip: If it’s something you do every day of the week the insights you get might not be as useful as if you’re tracking something you do less regularly.

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🧐 3. What the heck is a Factor?

Factor is a catch-all term we use to describe your habits, activities, routines, and really anything that might impact your health. This could include a workout routine, a holistic treatment, or even the weather. Factors relating to Diet and Sleep have their own unique sections on the homepage.  Also, Medication added in the “Meds/Supplements” section are also treated like a Factor.

Tip: This section can be fully customised.  You can add your own Factors and Factor Categories by pressing “Add Categories” at the bottom of the section.

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📈 4. You need at least 3 health entries with and without a Factor to start seeing its effect.

Before you’ll see any useful insights in Bearable you need at least 3 entries (e.g. Mood, Symptoms, Sleep, or Energy) with and without that Factor

For example, if you tagged “Work” as a Factor midday, and made a Mood entry both before and after this factor, this already counts as one health entry with and one health entry without “Work”.   3 of these entries gives Bearable enough data to begin correlating the effect on your health, but obviously, they will be very weak correlations until you amass more entries.

Tip: If you want to speed things up you can add entries to last week.

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🤕 5. Create Symptoms unique to you.

It’s important to track Symptoms that represent your health conditions. We recommend you spend some time customising your Symptoms on Day 1.  

We have quite a few default symptoms you’ll see by pressing +Add symptoms at the bottom of the section and going into any of the groups.  However, to make it completely unique to you; you can add both your own groups and custom symptoms

Tip:  Remember to mark “None” for the days you don’t experience your symptoms, as this will make your insights/stats more accurate!

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💗 6. Sync with Google Fit & Apple Health

Automatically track your Sleep. Steps, Heart rate, Blood Pressure, and Weight by syncing Bearable with your phone’s native health app. You can also sync other apps and devices with Google Fit or Apple Health and import some of that data into Bearable too!

To import Sleep, simply press the Track automatically button in the Sleep section and make sure the toggle is on.

To import anything else  (e.g. Steps and Heart rate), you’ll need to go to the Health Measurements section and tap one of the Sync off buttons for the item you want to activate.

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🤔 7. track the way YOU feel

When you enter your Mood in Bearable you’re presented with a list of different emotions. You can click +Add/Edit to adjust the default emotions. You can also create your own emotions to better reflect the way that you feel. For example, instead of feeling Excited, you might feel Over the Moon. 

Tip: you can organize the order of your list using the Edit button (in the top menu) after selecting +Add/Edit.

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✋ Looking For More Info?

    1. Check out our support blog for answers to common questions.
    2. Post questions on our subreddit or chat with users on our discord server.
    3. Take a look at our blog to see how our team member, Jesse, uses Bearable.
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