6 ways to get the most out of your Free Trial.

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You’ve just signed up for your free trial with Bearable and we want to make sure that you know about the most useful features that you now have access to.

🤔 1. Discover what’s impacting individual health outcomes.

Factor Effect Reports show you the correlation between your factors and your health outcomes. This helps you to identify the habits, activities, and treatments that are improving or worsening your Mood, Symptoms, Sleep and Energy levels. 

📊 2. See how your choices and habits impact multiple health outcomes at a glance.

The Favourite Correlations chart at the top of the Insights page shows you how a Factor (e.g. Caffeine) correlates with multiple different health outcomes. This helps you to quickly find the activities, habits, or treatments that have the biggest net positive or net negative on your health.

💡 3. Identify trends and patterns in your symptoms.

Advanced Symptom reports show you a breakdown of the frequency, trend, average occurrence and the average severity of individual symptoms. You can also view symptom-specific Factor Effect Reports and a list of commonly occurring symptoms.

🚀 4. Track anything!

The Custom Ratings section lets you create your own metrics to rate on a 1 to 5 scale, from productivity and focus to anything else you can think of. Get creative! 

✏️ 5. Keep track of other useful things.

Need to keep notes to share with a Doctor or Therapist? Want to keep a private digital Journal or write daily Affirmations? Have something to track that doesn’t fit anywhere else in the app? Just need to keep a to-do list because of brain fog? Extra notes has you covered!

🚑 6. Understand the impact of one-off events on your health.

Bearable Premium gives you the option to track an unlimited number of Significant Events so that you can analyse their impact using the landscape graph. For example, the Significant Events feature can be used to track:

    • Appointments with your Doctor.
    • Birthdays and Anniversaries.
    • Changes in relationship status.
    • Changes in employment.
    • Acute illnesses.

Still have questions about your free trial?

Let us know by contacting support@bearable.app and a member of the Bearable team can help with anything you need.

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