Using the same Bearable account on multiple devices

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For the time being our app is designed to work and sync seamlessly on one device. This is what most of our users require, but we understand that some people could really benefit from being able to sync Bearable on multiple devices.

We do indeed have plans for multi-device capabilities (i.e. instant updates across devices), but this is very complex to implement, hence why you usually only see it done by bigger companies (e.g. Google Docs, etc.).

In the meantime, to make sure you get the best experience possible, please use Bearable on one device. Using multiple devices simultaneously can lead to data conflict issues and thus result in data loss. We plan to make this much clearer to users in the very near future with a warning message when a new device is detected to make sure there is less uncertainty around the issue.

To clarify you can still move permanently to another device, simply by logging out of device A and staying logged in on device B, you just can’t be logged into both simultaneously.

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