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We understand that some of you are having issues receiving our notifications.


    1. You are not receiving the reminders your set up at all or…
    2. You only receive reminders when you open the app, at which point they all come flooding in at once.

If you experience problems with push notifications the reason usually lies in restrictions imposed by the device maker. Almost 95% of reminder problems are happening on Samsung devices, so below we have included a few options to try to fix this:

    1. First, make sure it’s not just a temporary hiccup and reboot your phone.
    2. Review your app’s notification settings – make sure you have given Bearable the relevant permissions to allow it to send you reminders. This might be found via Settings > Apps & Notifications > [App name] > Notifications.
    3. There may be some battery-saving settings or background restrictions switched on.  Follow the instructions listed here: https://dontkillmyapp.com/samsung
    4. If none of the above work, here is something else that has worked for some people (note: this is not possible on all devices): Go to ‘settings’ > ‘apps’ > press the 3 dots for the menu > chose ‘special access’. In the special access menu, choose the option called Notification Access. Turn off “Clean Master” and “Antivirus” and any other possible security/antivirus apps that may have been controlling the notifications.


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