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How to use Bearable to help staying accountable for your health.

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Some members of the Bearable community like to use Bearable as a way to remind themselves of the positive a negative factors that they already know affect their health and well-being. A really easy way to get some value from Bearable is to simply use it as a check-list or set of reminders for things to ‘do’ and ‘not do’ to help your manage your health.

✅  What you should track.

    1. First, you want to determine if there are any health metrics that you’d like to stay accountable for. This might be your overall mental health (which you would track in the symptoms section), your happiness (which you would track in the mood section), or well-being (which you would track in the custom ratings section).

    2. Next, you want to identify if there are any specific behaviours (which you would track in the factors section), or medications (which you would track in the meds/supplements section) that you’d like to stay accountable for.

    3. Once you’ve identified what you’d like to stay accountable for, use the add/edit button in the menu in the top right corner of the the relevant section on your homepage to create – or add an existing – metric to your homepage.

    4. Next, use the add/edit or edit buttons on your homepage and homepage sections to hide anything else that you’re not interested in seeing. This can help to ensure that when you log into Bearable each day, you’ll only see the things that you need to remind yourself of and nothing else.

    5. Once you’re set-up, it can be helpful to set reminders using the reminders button on your profile page. These can be used to remember to commit to certain habits, behaviours, or medications every day. Or simply as a way to remind yourself to check Bearable each day.

    6. Now, simply log into Bearable every day, scroll through your homepage, and use it as a checklist of things you’d like to remember to be accountable for.

      Note. Some members of our community like to share their weekly reports with their friends as this helps them to support one another and stay accountable for their healthy habits and well-being.

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