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How to prepare for a medical appointment with Bearable.

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Many members of the Bearable community use the app to help them to communicate with a GP, members of their medical team, or their therapist. If this is you, it can be helpful to focus on tracking what’s going to be most useful for your next appointment rather than attempting to track every aspect of your health and lifestyle.

🏥  A doctor or member of your medical team is likely to want to know:

    1. What you’re most concerned about.
    2. What has changed since you last saw them or another Doctor.
    3. How often the problem occurs.
    4. How the problem is affecting your ability to function day-to-day.
    5. The impact of any treatments, medications, or changes in lifestyle.


✅ This means that you should track…

    1. The symptoms that you’d like to discuss with your doctor, using the Symptoms section on your homepage.
    2. The impact of your health on your ability to work, socialise, and complete everyday tasks, by tracking days when you were unable to do these things in the Factors section. 
    3. Questions you have for your doctor using the Extra Notes section, or note-taking options in the Symptom and Mood sections.
    4. Each time you visit the doctor in the Significant Events page on your Profile.
    5. Any treatments or lifestyle changes as Factors.
    6. Any medications in the Medication/Supplements section.

To add new symptoms and factors to track on your homepage, click the add/edit button in the navigation menu in the top right corner of the symptoms section on your home screen. If you can’t find one of the sections mentioned above, use the edit button at the bottom of your homepage to toggle the visibility of sections.

Note. you don’t necessarily need to track every symptom for every one of your conditions and can instead just focus on the ‘priority’ symptoms that you feel you have the least understanding or control over. Over time, you can add, remove, and update the symptoms and conditions that you track.

💡  Reports that might be useful for medical appointments …

    1. Advanced symptom reports accessed via the Prevalence section on the Insights page, will show you changes in severity levels, average severity levels, and the impact of a factor on each symptom.
    2. The Timeline & Calendar reports accessed via the icons in the top right-hand corner of your homepage, will help you to identify specific dates when changes in your health occurred as well as a summary of your notes, symptoms, and treatments by date.
    3. Advanced factor reports under the Factor Count section on the insights page, will help you to quantify the frequency of different habits, lifestyle changes, etc. and their correlation with your symptoms.
    4. The comparison graph which can be accessed by visiting the insights page and rotating your phone 90 degrees, can help you to manually seek trends and correlations.

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