Read A Book Before Sleeping

🎯 Read something non-work related before sleeping. Ideally, this would be a physical book or a device that doesn’t emit as much blue light such as a Kindle.

🗓️ This experiment lasts for 7 days.

🛏️ Next-day effect: For bedtime habits, we help you to see the next-day health impact (except for Sleep).

Why do this experiment?

💤️ Alternative to sleep-disrupting screens – Looking at screens for up to 1.5 hours before bed reduces the amount of melatonin your body naturally produces. By comparison, books emit no light and allow you to escape information that may be causing you stress and creates a more natural and relaxing state in which to fall asleep.

😌 Reduce stress – A recent study found that reading before bed can reduce stress by up to 68%. It has even been found to be more effective than other relaxing behaviors such as drinking tea and listening to music.

❤️ Improved cognition & empathy – Studies have found that reading often places us in situations with a different perspective to our own, challenges our understanding of concepts and exposes us to new ideas. That these experiences can improve critical thinking skills and our ability to empathise with others.


📚 Keep it familiar. 
Reading before bed is meant to be relaxing. Opt to read something you know you’ll enjoy rather than attempting a new genre or author before falling asleep. Remember, you don’t want to get your brain too fired up. Maybe it’s even time to revisit an old favorite?

😌 Keep it light.
Reducing stress and anxiety hormones are essential for a good night of sleep. Try choosing a book that you can lose yourself in and that helps you to forget about the things that are a source of stress or anxiety in your own life. Think of reading before bed as an opportunity to escape the every-day and put yourself in the shoes of someone else.

🌘 Turn down the lights.
Any source of light can disrupt your natural sleep patterns. So It’s recommended that you should avoid blue-light from screens for at least 30 mins before bed and also dim the lights in your room.

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