Journal Your Feelings

🎯 Take a couple of minutes to reflect on your day and journal how you’re feeling.

πŸ—“οΈ This experiment lasts for 14 days.

Why do this experiment?

πŸ” Gain a sense of perspective – Although we cannot control certain situations, journaling can help us control our reactions to them, helping us process thoughts and look at them in a different light so that we can rationalise them, whether that be immediately or a day later.

βœ… Improve your ability to problem-solve – Journaling and structured thought involves a brain process that activates rational reflection and solutions to your problems, as opposed to thinking and decision-making, which is often clouded by emotion.

😌 Unload some of the burdens of your emotions – Just as it helps to talk to a therapist, venting into a journal can also be quite therapeutic, releasing emotions you might otherwise be storing up unhealthily every day.

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