Eat The Rainbow

🎯 Aim to eat 5 different colours of fruit and vegetables each day.

🗓️ This experiment lasts for 14 days.

Why do this experiment?

❤️ Healthy Microbiome – Variety is good for the bugs that live in our guts, collectively known as our microbiome. Having a healthy microbiome is important to our mental and physical health and, while research in this area is ongoing, in general, the ideal microbiome is a diverse one.

🌈 Super Phytonutrients – Different coloured foods contain different phytonutrients, all of which have different health benefits. For example, Red foods, such as tomatoes, can reduce the risk of some types of cancer or heart disease. Orange foods, such as carrots, promote healthy vision and a healthy immune system. Green vegetables, such as broccoli, help control hunger.


Some examples of colourful foods are…

🍉 Red – Strawberries, tomatoes, red peppers, cherries, watermelon, red onion, red apples, beetroot, radish, radicchio, red lettuce, red lentils.

🍇 Purple/Blue – Black olives, aubergine (eggplant), purple cabbage, okinawan sweet potato (purple potato), purple grapes, purple carrots.

🥑 Green – Spinach, bok choy, green peas, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, kale, avocados, limes, honeydew, green grapes, watercress, okra, rocket, swiss chard, celery, brussel sprouts, celery.

🥕 Yellow/Orange – Carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow/orange peppers, pumpkins, tangerines, papayas, mangoes, oranges, lemons, pineapple, cantaloupes (melon), sweetcorn, summer squash, yellow lentils, yellow split peas.

🍄 White – Cauliflower, mushrooms, shallots, onions, turnips, fennel, parsnips, chickpeas, ginger, jicama.


🌈 Print out the list of foods above and stick it on your fridge door. Then tick off all the colours you have consumed in one day.

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