3 Gratitudes Per Day

🎯 Take a minute each day to think of 3 things you’re grateful for, no matter how big or small.

🗓️ This experiment lasts for 14 days.

Why do this experiment?

☯️ Become more present and grounded – Gratitude is the best habit you will ever learn. The more grateful you are, the more present you will become. And the more present you are, the more grateful you become.

❤️ Physical and emotional benefits – Various studies have shown that practising gratitude can have numerous benefits for your physical and emotional well-being: from reducing stress levels and promoting better sleep to enhancing our relationships.

💪 Improve resilience – Practising gratitude is also a great way to foster resilience, as it helps you to shift your focus in times of difficulty.


💡 No matter how big or small it seems – you can be grateful for anything. As Jon Kabat-Zinn said, “The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

Try the 3 Ps approach suggested by Dr Rangan Chatterjee for practising gratitude:

🐶 Person – Think of a person (or even an animal) you feel grateful for today.

🏖 Pleasure – Think of a pleasure you have experienced today. It might be a really tasty meal or a new memory that you have made.

🚀 Promise – Think about something that popped up today that has held some promise for the future. It could be anything from plans to meet a friend to the arrival of a new pair of shoes you have ordered.

The more you practice gratitude the easier it becomes and the more benefits you will experience.

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