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Bearable was founded by people with chronic health conditions. So you can trust that we’ll always be focused on finding new ways to help our users learn about and manage their health.

Highly recommended by PsychCentral, The US Pain Foundation, and Verywell Mind. In a recent study, 99% of our users also said they’d recommend Bearable to a friend.

A community-driven app that has received the support and feedback of tens of thousands of people with chronic physical and mental health issues through online communities.

We rank #1 for symptom tracking, have over 200,000 downloads, and over 3,000 five star reviews on both the App Store and Play Store.

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mona li
mona li@monalivisuals
Read More
Trying a new symptom tracking app. I think I'm in love with @BearableApp so far. Haven't entered much data yet but let's see how this goes.
Darren Brown
Darren Brown@darrenabrown
Read More
I am using @BearableApp and it’s been so useful to monitor my #LongCOVID symptoms, mood, diet, contributing factors & more.
Meep Matsushima (she/her)
Meep Matsushima (she/her)@meep_matsushima
Read More
I've been using @BearableApp for a week now and I can say with confidence that it is the best of the (manyyy) symptom tracking apps I've tried; the free version is better than paid apps I've used.
Read More
Since the beginning of the year I've been using @BearableApp and it's been such a godsend for tracking mood, symptoms and overall health insights. Just happy I found something so easy to use and all in one. And I appreciate the pun.
the one with all the cats
the one with all the cats@fiercewilddeep
Read More
I am trying to be more mindful about my internal feelings, but I do better with direction. Downloaded @BearableApp and so far, I’m really loving how robust & helpful it is to take a moment and really reflect on how I’m doing.
Cory Xenos
Cory Xenos@CoryX182
Read More
I’ve been using @BearableApp to track many factors of my daily life. You can track pretty much anything you want: food, medicine, sleep, screen time, social time, etc. It allows you to see charts of what factors are influencing your mood and health. It’s really eye opening. A+
Samuel Štancl
Samuel Štancl@samuelstancl
Read More
One of the better apps on my iPhone is @BearableApp. I wake up, Oura syncs sleep data & other things into Apple Health. I open Bearable, it loads data from Apple Health, and I add all the other information, like environment info, supplements, etc. Really nicely done app.
Read More
YAY THATS EVEN BETTER THANK YOU!!! I don't usually stan for Stuff n Brands but y'all are just a small dev team doing a GREAT thing for disabled ppl that I couldn't make myself, & I can't stress enough how long I looked for smth like this before you did!!!
clarissa explains it all
clarissa explains it all@clarissascortex
Read More
If you're into tracking life things, such as mood, health, water/food intake, symptoms, wellbeing, and how those interact, plus social time, weather, who you're with and work etc... highly rec @BearableApp! Probably the most customisable tracker and insight app out there.

Ways to start sharing Bearable

Some useful hints & tips we’ve learned from sharing Bearable ourselves.

Find communities of like-minded people on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, etc. Share stories about how Bearable has shaped your journey with a specific health issue, condition, or goal.

Tell transparent stories about your experience using Bearable. What has it helped you to learn about your health and well-being?

Share stories about how Bearable compares to other health tracking, mood tracking, and journaling app that you’ve used.

Create content by tracking new and trending self-care routines using Bearable. Like Wim Hof’s breathing techniques or Yoga with Adriene.