Our Editorial Process.

How we provide trustworthy, accessible, and accurate information.

At Bearable, we’re committed to providing our readers with trustworthy, accessible, and accurate information so they’re equipped to care for their health and well-being. We use this Editorial Process to ensure we’re giving our readers the best possible information.

Our Editorial Process was developed by the Bearable team in partnership with experienced health and well-being journalists. It’s the backbone of everything we do. But what is this process? How do we ensure that everything we publish meets our standards?

Our team creates and edits every piece of content based on the 3 pillars of our editorial process. These pillars — (1) earning and maintaining trust; (2) keeping high journalistic standards; (3) prioritising accuracy, empathy, and inclusion.

1. Earning and maintaining trust

Health information is easy to find but it can be confusing, overwhelming, inaccurate, irrelevant, or inaccessible. We want to change that.

We provide content that is trustworthy, accurate, evidence-based, clear, understandable, accessible, empathetic, and actionable.

Throughout our content, we address total well-being and help our readers to make the important connection between health and lifestyle. In support of that, we openly and objectively cover a range of topics and viewpoints.

We’re aware that everybody experiences their health and well-being differently, so we stand for inclusivity and empathy. We’re here — judgment free — for everyone seeking better health.

2. Keeping high journalistic standards

Our readers come to Bearable to get accurate information about their health, so it’s our responsibility to set high journalistic standards. Our news and educational content is unbiased, balanced, timely, actionable, research-backed, honest, and comprehensive. Our feature content brings forward individual perspectives with empathy, candour, and respect.

Here’s how we ensure we meet these standards:

    • We carefully select contributors. Our in-house team carefully selects expert writers and contributors. We vet our content creators for subject matter expertise and relevant life experience. We also require them to apply research and sourcing best practices.


    • We thoroughly vet all the brands we partner with and mention in our content. We thoroughly research the business practices of partner brands and evaluate their medical and health claims against the current body of scientific evidence.


    • Consumer drug information content is sourced from professionals. We avoid advising readers or making claims about medication, supplements, and pharmaceutical drugs. We only make reference to them in direct quotes from medical professionals or accompanied by a direct reference to a medical research paper.


    • We carefully select our sources. All of our content is underpinned by thoroughly vetted academic research papers and comments from experienced professionals with first hand experience of the subject matter in the article. Where we’re unable to directly reference research or an experienced professional, we chose to only link to trusted sources of health information such as organisations like the NHS, Cleveland Clinic, and Harvard Health or leading health publishers with high editorial standards such as Healthline.com and EverydayHealth.com


    • All content is triple-checked to meet our standards. Our in-house team touches every piece of content before it is published, double- and triple-checking to ensure it meets our rigorous editorial standards of clarity, accuracy, quality sourcing, and inclusive and empathetic language.

3. Prioritising accuracy, empathy, and inclusivity

We want to make sure that everything we publish is accessible and understandable to our readers. As a result, we rely on a proprietary style guide based on the Associated Press Stylebook. This ensures our writers and editors are focusing on readability, clarity, empathy, inclusivity, real-life application, quality sourcing, and clear citations. 

We use empathetic language to tell judgment-free stories, and we make intentional choices to remove stigma, stereotypes, and to avoid injecting bias.

Our Editorial Process, Created for You.

At Bearable, our readers are our top priority. We strive to be an ally in our readers’ journey to health and wellness. Our Editorial Process ensures that we can provide them with the most accurate, relevant, and accessible content possible. 

We’re working hard to continually improve, so we want to hear from you if we could be doing better. If you have any questions or comments about the accuracy or usability of our content or feel an article is out of date, you can easily let us know by visiting this page.

If you have any questions about our editorial process or guidelines you can contact us on support@bearable.app