Hall of Heroes

Messages from our heroes to the people they’ve sponsored

Hall of Heroes

Messages from our heroes to the people they’ve sponsored

Hall of Heroes

Messages from our heroes to the people they’ve sponsored

I decided to sponsor those who can’t afford Bearable because this app has helped me so much with keeping my medications, mood, and energy on track!” – Seiren

“I’ve struggled with chronic invisible illness my whole life. The frustration of having so many symptoms and not knowing if they are related and struggling to communicate that to medical professionals is something that people who are in pain or suffering shouldn’t have to deal with. I just want to pay it forward.” – Zebra

“Everyone deserves to be able to understand themselves” – Siggy

Helping others help themselves” – Helencarnate

I have several chronic illnesses that I was obsessively tracking in a spreadsheet and across several notebooks. This app simplified everything and made that process so much easier and less stressful for me. I hope it does the same for you!

Chronic illness or whatever you may be going through isn’t your fault. It’s something that is happening to you, not something you’ve done nor is it who you are. I know it’s hard and days can be dark but you can do this! Take care of yourself and do what you can. I promise it’s enough. ” – Teri

“When I took the time to try & log things, it grew into such a helpful tool for my mental health, I genuinely had to get premium and I really don’t usually do any kind of paid subscriptions, so that’s saying something. With bad memory due to mental illness it gets really hard to envision times that aren’t current circumstances or feelings, so to be able to review what has happened before and understand how it can benefit, or hinder my present self, is a serious help. Also genuinely the only way I can keep track of my meds effectively. The interface is easy to get used to. Just 100000% recommend and I hope everyone who needs it can get the chance to access it!” – Kai

“Bearable has revolutionized the way doctors perceive my illnesses: I have empirical data. I can’t afford much and thank you to Bearable for making this an affordable thing to do. This is LITERALLY changing disabled people’s lives. So if I can help F-yes. I’ll go without extras if someone can experience a little less medical gaslighting.” – Junipper

“Because I had something to give back to the community.” – Vlad

“Bearable helped me so much with my ASD, ADHD and chronic stuff that it’s only natural for me to help someone else.” – Vincent

“I hope this helps make life more manageable” – Dysana

This app has helped me so much! And I believe all humans need access to things that help them physically and mentally” – Gail

“I have been poor all my life and even though I’m in debt I’m able to help a little and I hope others that can give, DO. I’ve witnessed empirical data from Bearable have a huge impact on my life via mitigating medical racism, tracking my symptoms / connecting my triggers and improving relationship with medical providers. Everyone deserves this app 💜” – Jess

“Having better mental health has vastly improved my life and I hope for someone else struggling to find the clarity or success in this imperfect journey of life.” – thekokatron


 ❤️ – thejessss

  🌿 – SpiderBroJenkins

“I’m doing okay. I’m getting better. And I want that for other people too.” – Landen

“Using the paid version of the app helped me get a life-changing diagnosis. I want that for someone else!” – Liz

“EveryBODY needs a little help sometimes, including me – that’s why I’m a Bearable 🐻‍❄️” – AngelMama

“As a person with a chronic illness, I know how much impact just a little bit of insight can have of one’s day to day life. I want to share that with others ❤️” – Hanne

True strength is kindness” – Oleald

Yes you can do this” – W3ndy

“I’ve struggled financially most of my life and am currently in a position to be able to help others, at least a little.” – Bea

“I have been using Bearable for a few years now, I looked at some other trackers they were not as efficient as Bearable and not as easy to use and you can tailor it to your needs I feel others should have a chance to better their health, mind and body” – Pookiechi