Our Pricing and Principles

James (founder)

It’s important for me to be completely transparent about how we intend to make money at Bearable, as it is inextricably linked to our values and responsibilities as a company, not least due to the sensitive nature of information our users will be recording in our app.  

This is something that has become even more relevant in recent years, after the scandal with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, who were selling and exploiting people’s data in a completely non-transparent and unethical way, which resulted in an understandable lack of trust in companies’ handling of personal data.

With this in mind, I want to emphasise that we do not and will never sell our users’ data to anyone.  Companies tend to resort to this out of desperation or greed.   

So how do we intend to maintain the balance of making enough money whilst still retaining our integrity and ethical principles?

  • Our main goal is to try and improve people’s lives by helping them to reclaim control over their health.  This is paramount and will never be sacrificed for greed.  In order to facilitate this main goal, we need to make at least enough to maintain the app and make incremental improvements based on our users’ feedback and requests. 
  • There needs to be a business-minded approachWe would be doing an injustice to our users and ourselves by going into this without any financial structure, as any benefits people might get from the app would be unsustainable if we ultimately ran out of money.
  • We want to be affordable for all, whilst also providing a free version that allows users to still experience all of the app’s most useful features.  

It’s been quite eye-opening going from app user to app provider.  I was once someone who questioned the ethics of app providers (particularly health-related apps) in charging a subscription for their product. However, now that I’m on the other side, I’ve become much more understanding, having truly seen the amount of resources required to create and, more importantly, maintain an app.  I personally now try to compare app subscription prices to the benefits of other products I spend money on. For instance, if I think I’ll derive more lasting benefits from using an app almost every day for a month than say, one or two similarly priced cups of coffee, then it’s clearly worth it for me.

When you use Bearable I want you to know that you can trust our motivations behind creating the app and it’s so vitally important to us that you feel safe and secure in knowing what’s happening with your data. Please take a good look at our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to develop a further understanding of our processes and feel free to email me personally with any questions at james@bearable.app.

On a personal note, I would like to thank those who choose to support us for allowing me to continue to have the privilege of creating this app.  In doing so you are also directly helping to empower other people to reclaim control over their health and well-being, which I’m truly grateful for. 

Help me to spread the word about Bearable!

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